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Do you work out on a regular basis? Do you often feel after a long training session or a long run that you haven’t stretched enough and your muscles are stiff and you can’t seem to shift that feeling? Thai yoga bodywork can help.

Then you should definitely try Thai yoga bodywork. It’s a technique which involves stretching the muscles and applying pressure to relieve stress, energize the body and can be effective in treating physical injuries.

This type of treatment is not a massage, as such. More like a passive yoga workout. Here the client is fully clothed and the work is performed on a mattress on the floor.

I can use my body weight. I can work using light touch just with my hands or use my whole body weight so that I can reach the deeper layers of the muscle tissue. Using not just my hands but also my arms and feet, allows me to apply more pressure.

I work on the whole body, starting from the feet and ending at your head, bringing the client into various yoga poses. The treatment is performed slowly and mindfully, pressing and stretching each muscle I work on.

The benefits of regular sessions of this treatment include:

Helps to relax tight muscles

Relieves stress

Boosts energy levels

Stimulates circulation

Helps to recover from injury faster

You’ll come out feeling looser, freer, and seriously stretched, with a better range of motion. In short – energized.