Based in Jerusalem | Women Only

I believe that we all need to be looking after ourselves more. We all need to be exercising on a regular basis to keep both our bodies and our minds healthy. And as a massage and bodywork therapist, it is my role to make sure that you will be pain-free so that you can work, play and exercise to your utmost.
I’ve been a massage and bodywork therapist for nearly 10 years. My favorite treatment is, Thai Yoga Bodywork. Here every muscle of the body gets compressed, stretched and pulled. You’ll come away feeling relaxed, energised and a whole lot less stressed.
In my signature massage treatment, I integrate techniques from Swedish massage, deep tissue, medical and sports massage, hot stones therapy, suction cups, Thai Yoga Bodywork and trigger point therapy and use them to create a treatment that is unique and dependent on the needs of the individual client.

I’m a proud Scot, studied psychology and worked with people with learning disabilities in London and then in Jerusalem to teach them skills so that they could lead an independent life. I then spent many happy years working for the Jerusalem Report magazine.
Then back in 2004 I decided to take myself off to Thailand and took a course in Thai foot massage. From there my interest in massage and bodywork grew and I started studying it at Reidman International College for Complementary Medicine, Jerusalem.

I’ve had the privilege of working with a number of Israeli para-Olympians including the women’s and youth goalball teams, (a game for the visually impaired and blind) as well as Israel’s no. 1 para-Badminton player. I’ve even traveled with these teams to tournaments and championships around the world to places such as Finland, Sweden, Japan, China, Hungary and Denmark. I have worked in various spas in and around Jerusalem including Cramim spa hotel as well for the Clalit HMO, in their complementary medical clinics.
My private clinic is based in Jerusalem.